Examination, conclusion of contract & proceedings

In order to examine the possibility for financing a case, the ACIVO AG needs a draft of the complaint along with all associated attachments.

In preparation for the contract, the retained lawyer outlines the facts of the case in a concise manner on a questionnaire that the ACIVO AG provided beforehand.

Based on these documents, the ACIVO AG will first of all decide, whether or not financing the litigation is generally possible.

If it is, the ACIVO AG sends a contract for financing the litigation to the claimant. The claimant submits a respective offer by signing this contract.

Thereupon, own employees of the ACIVO AG and external specialists will check the chances of success. If they can be affirmed along with the solvency of the opponent, the ACIVO AG countersigns the contract and takes on the cost burden.

The lawsuit will be conducted solely by the lawyer the claimant retained. In order to ensure the lawyer’s independence, there will only be a contract between the claimant and the ACIVO AG, but not between the retained lawyer and the ACIVO AG.

The examination process of the ACIVO AG is free of charge – irrespective of its result.

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