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The ACIVO AG was founded by layers, business people and companies to enforce claims of value independent of the financial means of the plaintiff, the financial power of the opponent and the size of the opponent’s legal department.

“Klassische Finanzierung” – the conventional financing model of the ACIVO AG

The ACIVO AG finances proceedings for claimants who can or will not proceed against solvent debtors themselves. The same applies, if their defense insurance as well as legal aid will not cover their litigation costs.

The ACIVO AG carries the litigation cost risk all by herself. In the process, the ACIVO AG defrays the costs of the lawyers and the court as well as the costs of taking evidence. Even if the plaintiff loses the case in court, he or she will not be hit by any litigation costs. The expenditures of the ACIVO AG will not be put down to his or her account.

By winning the case, the plaintiff gets the opportunity to secure his or her claims by putting an enforceable suretyship in place.

Financing the litigation and carrying the cost risk thereof, the ACIVO AG receives a percentage share depending on the value in litigation after deducting the incurred expenses. For a value in litigation up to 50,000 Euros the share amounts to 50 %, for a value in litigation between 50,000 and 500,000 Euros it amounts to 30 % and for a value in litigation over 500,000 Euros it amounts to 20 %.

 “Flex-Finanzierung” – the new flexible financing model of the ACIVO AG

Due to some people’s greater need for security, the conventional financing model with its “all or nothing” philosophy is not suitable for all interested parties. Based on the positive experience the ACIVO AG had with specially tailored financing solutions, she now offers “Flex-Finanzierung” as an alternative model. You will get as much security as you need with an individually negotiated share of the turnover starting at 10 %.

You only want to ensure the cost risk of the opposing lawyer? No problem! You already want the judicial dunning procedure to be financed? We will be pleased to help you! As of now, the ACIVO AG offers flexible solutions for financing the assertion of your legal rights that comply with your need for security. It does not matter whether you already see a demand for financing your dispute even though it is still out of court or you only realize the demand after the court proceedings have begun. Maybe you only want us to finance an expert’s report? Fear not, we will find the proper solution for you. (We offer our help starting at a value in litigation of 10,000 Euros.) Everyone interested will receive an individually tailored financing offer, provided that the chances of success appear positive.

Your benefits as claimant:

You will recover part of a claim that otherwise would be completely lost to you.
Your own liquidity will not be affected.
The litigation cost risk will not be carried by you.
Taking action for part of the claim is not necessary for financial reasons.
Even out-of-court settlements can be negotiated from a position of strength.

Your benefits as retained lawyer:
You can charge a fee for legal disputes that otherwise would have remained undone.
You will gain access to additional earnings and profits.
Your invoices will be settled for sure.

The ACIVO AG finances any legal dispute that economically allows her to participate. It does not have to be a matter of financial claims. The value in litigation, however, should at least amount to 10,000 Euros. This applies for both financing models.

Should you need help please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide individual customer care.

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